Random stuff I found on the internet. All subjects belong to the respective artist, I just draw and paint them (watercolor, charcoal, hard pastels, soft pastels, mixed media). For watercolors: the painting is still wet.

Tap or click on each image to see the whole pictures in full resolution.

A happy mama Duck.

A European Quail.

A gazing Dog.

A Eurasian Great Tit.

A curious Mallard.

An African Elephant mother with her calf.

A Cat ejoying the sun

A study on light

A Dog portrait

Curiosity of a Cat

Curiousity of an European Robin

A Cinereous Tit in her house

A male Turkey

A birthday Owl

A cute Hedgehog

A cute couple of Lovebirds

Trying to move to human subjects

A cozy Cat enjoying warm light

Waiting Pug


Old wise man

A Carrion Crow

An African Elefant

A Scarlet Macaw

A girl

A sleepy Cat

A curious Cat

A Clownfish

Sunny skies.

Puzzled dog.

Lovebirds (second one).

Lovebirds (first one).

Monochromatic study.

A curious Fox Squirrel.

Hands (study with charcoal).

A Golden Eagle (soft pastels).

Apples with hatching study.

A Magpie.

A cozy warm Arctic Fox.

A Mallard duckling.


Value study on "Game of Thrones"

A Cat study.

A scaled fish (unidentified).

A girl (studio with charcoal).

A girl (studio with mixed media, ink with watercolors).

An African Elephant.

A girl (studio with pastels).

Nadia: the secret of Blue water (Hayao Miyazaki, Hideaki Anno, Gainax).

A Cat.

Nishikigoi (Koi carps).

A flower (unidentified).

Brandenburg Gate.

A Doe.

A Zebra.

A flower (unidentified).

In loving memory of my pet Bunny.

A Cape Robin-chat.

Assisi's Basilica (charcoal, original by Michael Reardon).

A Pink Robin (charcoal).

A Pink Robin (watercolor).

A charcoal Kingfisher.


A Hummingbird.

A boat.

Assisi's Basilica.

A watercolor Bunny.

A charcoal Bunny.

A Cat with a Butterfly.

A Kingfisher and a Bunny.

A Mallard duckling and an adult Mallard.

A Hen chick.

A Magpie.

A European Robin.

A Red Cardinal.

A Dragonfly and baby bird (unidentified).


A European Robin.

A European Robin.