Just Ideas on What You Can Work on

Just ask yourself: “What do I want to learn?”. This is a good time to start learning something new, something that interests you.

Where are these topics applied in real life? Please visit the research page, and remember that fluid dynamics, elasticity and plasticity, and meshing are the bases for videogame engines, movie animations, and of course, scientific computing.

Some of these theses could be performed in external companies.

Some Example Theses Topics


Oculus are hardware systems for Virtual Reality, using projectors and sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. VR systems can be employed in games, as well as in simulators.

Car Simulator

Ever played any realistic car game, like Need for Sped, F1, or even Mario Kart? There is a lot of fun in developing such simulators, especially with real-life tracks and cars.

Mesh Generation

Generating a mesh that can be used in gaming, movies, or in scientific software is not easy. Lots of algorithms are out there, and may be improved.

Fluid Dynamics

Ever wondered how movies implement fog, fire, wind and fluids? A CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software is the answer, with parallel computing to speed up the process.


A moving fluid surface is hard to simulate, especially if you take into account thermal effects. The Lattice-Boltzmann approach is new and very promising especially for the animation industry.

AI in Graphics

Some problems in Computer Graphics are hard, with several published approaches. Can Artificial Intelligence lend a hand to the field?


Animations are basically deformations of shapes. If we have an animation, we should be able to transport its deformation on another character.


Sometimes meshes are not particularly detailed, and that is fine with draft animations. But when generating a movie or a game we need to improve the quality by applying remeshing algorithms.


An insteresting rendering in both gaming and moveis is particle dynamics. Simulating and rendering a beam of particles leads to very nice animations.

AR Beyond Games

Games took the lead with augmented reality, with few other applications. How much can we push AR to work with science-oriented jobs?


Elasic analyses and simulations are employed in movie renderers, videgames, and of course, engineering software. Although is seems simple, there are still cool problems to be tackled.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are, in fact, the new personal computer. Many applications, from leisure to scientific ones, can be developed to exploit this useful form factor.

Past Theses and Relative Projects

Ventricle Animation

Non linear elastic heart animation with Finite Elements.

Dissipation & Data Structures

Cache-oblivious data structures on power dissipation.

DNA on Smartphones

Out-of-core DNA analysis on mobile devices.

Bridge Animation

Non linear aeroelastic "Tacoma Narrows" bridge.

Morphing Meshes

Animation poses using reference meshes.


Particle animation with custom fluid engine.