Just ask yourself: "What do I want to learn?". This is the right time to start learning something new, something that really interests you.

Where are these topics applied in real life? Please visit the research page, and remember that fluid dynamics, elastoplasticity, and meshing are the bases for videogame engines, movie animations, and of course, scientific computing.

This is your thesis, do something you love: your proposals are more than welcome!

Some Example Theses Topics

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, along with AR, MR, XR and so on, can be a good candidate for some interesting theses on both videogames and professional visualization. Yes, we have a Quest 3 for you.


How fast can we render 2D images and animations? And how fast and realistically can we render 3D objects? We can find out with some libraries or game engines.

Mesh Generation

Generating a mesh that can be used in gaming, movies, or in scientific software is not easy. Lots of algorithms are out there, and may be improved.


Animations are basically deformations of shapes. If we have an animation, we should be able to transport it from one mesh to another.

Generative AI

As a painter it is intriguing to play with image generators. What can they do, and is that artistic value in these images? Let's see what these models can do.

Physics Engines

Elastic analyses and simulations are employed in movie renderers, videgames, and of course, engineering software. Although is seems simple, there are still cool problems to be tackled.

Past Theses

Videogame AI

Reinforcement learning in videogames.

Grass Generation

Generating grass meshes in Unreal Engine 5.


Create better behaving meshes.

Thin-Plate Spline

Interpolating meshes to produce a smooth animation.

Laser Beams

Particles moving in a fluid.

Geometric Animation

Animating meshes via geometric properties.

Ventricle Animation

Non linear elastic heart animation with Finite Elements.

Dissipation & Data Structures

Cache-oblivious data structures on power dissipation.

DNA on Smartphones

Out-of-core DNA analysis on mobile devices.

Bridge Animation

Non linear aeroelastic "Tacoma Narrows" bridge.

Morphing Meshes

Animation poses using reference meshes.


Particle animation with custom fluid engine.