Computer Graphics 2023-2024

This course (6 CFU) is for the Masters degree in Computer Science.


The class is held in the Fall semester. Please confirm the schedule with the official site:

  • Monday, 2pm, Room N13 Monday, 4pm, Room N13
  • Tuesday, 12pm, Room N13

Suspended days:

Class will be suspended on the following days:

  • 2023/10/9-10
  • 2023/10/23-24
  • 2023/12/11-12

Additional days:

The class will be held additionally on the following days in Room N13 at 12pm:

  • 2023/10/04
  • 2023/10/18
  • 2023/11/08
  • 2023/12/06
  • 2024/01/10

Note: you have to enroll in order to be allowed into Microsoft Teams by the system. Please enroll here.


Lectures will introduce topics regarding computer graphics, among them:

  • OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX
  • Hardware Architectures
  • Meshes, Curves, and Surfaces
  • CUDA and OpenCL
  • Rendering, Lights, and Shadows
  • Principles of Animation


There is no required book, there are recommended books and official documentations:

Remember that you can use any language and tool. If you want to get deeper into some topics, the following is a personal list of interesting books.

Exam Grading

Students will be assigned a group project (min 1, max 5) and will present their results. Be sure to record a live screencast of your results.

Grades will be assigned based on the project's realization and presentation.

DEADLINE. In order to be graded, you should send, at least 7 days before the end of each exam session, regardless of the date on GOMP. So, translated, the exam form will be open:

  • Spring session: February 1–February 21;
  • Summer session: June 1–July 23;
  • Fall session: September 1–September 23.

You wil need to send through the form the following:

  • A brief description of the project;
  • A link to the project's git repository;
  • A link of the video file (the screencast) to be downloaded;
  • Names, Surnames, Student IDs.

The deadline is here so that, if I encounter an error during verbalization, I will have time to ask for support.

Students are expected to use a git repository to store all of their material, and contribute to the group project equally: be honest when presenting.