ATCS 2015-2016

Advanced Topics on Computer Science

This course (6 CFU) will be held by two external professors, Prof. Peter Eades from Sydney University, Australia (from March to April), and Prof. Eduardo B. Fernandez from Florida Atlantic University, USA (from May to June). Prof. Eades will teach “Large Scale Network Algorithms”, while Prof. Fernandez will be focusing on “Distributed Systems Security”.

Prof. Eades holds a PhD from the Australian National University (1974), and held courses at the University of Queensland, University of Newcastle, and Sydney University; he is a Distinguished Researcher at NICTA (Australia’s Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence). Prof. Fernandez holds a PhD from the University of California at Los Angeles (1972), and held courses at the Universidad de Chile, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Miami, and the Florida Atlantic University.

The lessons will start on March 15, at 11am, room N8. The other lessons will be Wednesday at 4pm in room N14.


  • Tuesday at 11am, room N8
  • Wednesday at 4pm, room N14

Large Scale Network Algorithms

Prof. Eades

Class Schedule

Motivation and basics

  • Graph Theory
  • Large graphs/networks in application domains (social, biological, software engineering)
  • Analytical problems for large graphs/networks
  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Graph matrices and eigenvalues

Algorithms for social network analysis

  • Centrality algorithms
  • K-core algorithms and blockmodelling
  • Diffusion algorithms
  • Pagerank algorithms

Clustering algorithms

  • Cuts, k-means
  • Spectral clustering
  • Eigenvalue approximations

Large transport networks

  • Sparsification methods
  • Multilevel shortest path algorithms
  • Approximate network flow algorithms

Distributed systems security

Prof. Fernandez

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Motivation and overview

  • Distributed systems

Security patterns

  • Misuse/threat patterns
  • Other types of patterns
  • Overview of UML.

Methodologies for building secure distributed applications

  • Secure Solution Frames

Distributed architectures

  • Secure versions of patterns
  • Broker, MVC
  • Agents
  • P2P systems
  • Middleware

SOA and Web services

  • Architectures, attacks, and standards
  • Web services patterns
  • Identity
  • Misuse patterns

Security in cloud computing

  • Threats and defenses
  • Patterns and misuse patterns
  • Access Control, Infrastructure security
  • OpenStack security

Cyber-physical systems

  • Threat modeling
  • Smart grid, vehicles
  • The Internet of Things
  • Fog computing