CPD for March 17 revoked

I am still sick, but better, so I think I’ll be able to attend the class of this Friday, March 20, 2015.

CPD of march 13 cancelled

The lesson for tomorrow, March 13, is cancelled due to a fever. If everything goes ok, we’ll restart next Tuesday. 

Introduction to C++

This is a very brief introduction to C++, for the Parallel and Distributed Computing class.

Voti EI 30/1/2015

Sono riportati di seguito i voti dell’esame Elementi di Informatica (Ing. Meccanica) del 30 Gennaio 2015.

Turni EI 30-01-2015

(in Italian) Sono di seguito pubblicati i turni per l’esame di Elementi di Informatica del giorno Venerdì 30/1/2015 in laboratorio Campus One.

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